Black Friday Flights for $100 or Less

    If you’re cheap like us, Black Friday is basically your favorite national holiday. Cyber Monday coming in a close second place. And it’s not just for the retail fanatics who line up outside of their favorite brick and mortar store to score that deal on fuzzy pink slippers they couldn’t fathom paying full price for. It’s for us, the travel addicts, who are constantly scouring the web for the best flight deals. Why? Because travelers of all people understand that every dollar matters, especially considering the fact you can buy meals overseas for $1. Why overspend, when you don’t have to?

    We’ve partnered with Skyscanner to give you a sneak peak of this year’s undeniably appealing flights. Take advantage of the fact that Skyscanner even created this hub page, with live updates on the best flight deals. We couldn’t help but pick our favorite destinations for $100 or less!

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