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    Jo here, in Londontown, writing to you from an uncomfortable seat in the corner of a coffee shop, converted into a wine bar at night. Since it’s past 7PM, it’s officially wine and write time, because yes, that is an official time deemed in my daily life.

    I decided to skim through my inbox, to get a little inspiration from all of you for our ongoing blog series that focuses on YOU ALL. Cause it ain’t always about us. Plus, it’s always a shameless way to plug the fact you can, and should be booking flights on our site. shutupandgo.travel/flights ;).

    While spam emails nearly drowned me, I was lifted up by this month’s We Fly High feature,someone who bluntly calls herself first world poor – clearly catching my attention. The words were some I appreciated, because the realness in that statement is something a lot of us can relate to.

    Meet Cemberli


    Who and how old are you?

    So my name is Cemberli (like Kimberly) Grant and I’m a 19 year old college student. I’m a writer and I’m learning to embrace all of the struggle that comes with that title.

    Girl, I feel you. A creative job is rewarding spiritually, but by no means the easiest to be paid for. Not impossible though!

    Where were you born, raised?

    I was born in Mississippi but raised in the suburbs around Atlanta.

    Nice, down South! I love me some Outkast, so Atlanta has a soft spot in my heart. Plus all the black history there is a must see.

    Where do you currently live now?

    I attend college in Atlanta so I live there now.

    Let’s get into this, tell me more about your background?

    I grew up first-world poor. We struggled a lot, but still had most of the things we needed like cell phones and food, but we relied on a lot of assistance as well. I’m actually very grateful for how difficult my childhood was sometimes because I can put things into perspective now. I feel dumb complaining about the ratio of coffee to cream in my Starbucks drinks or how much oil is in my Alfredo when I remember things I went through as a kid.

    Growing up with “less than” is always a way to grow thick skin. I feel you on that. After all, our privilege is absolutely relative.

    Did anyone in your family travel?

    No one in my family traveled. My older brother moved out when he turned 16 and went to Iowa with his dad but that’s about it. Also it’s IOWA. So no, no one in my family traveled.

    Haha at “Iowa!” If there’s not spirit of adventure in the family, it makes it more difficult to actually shut up and go.

    With that being said, how and why did you decide to go to China of all places?

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