You’re Not Going To Miss It

living with two bags

I recently made the decision that for my trip to Thailand, I was going to get rid of my (cracked) suitcase, and travel with just two bags. My suitcase has done me well for the past ten months, but in the spirit of minimalism, there’s a time to let it go.

To the trash, where it should have gone a few months ago.

I’m going to Thailand for a month. T-H-A-I-L-A-N-D. What could I possibly need in such a country known for its natural beauty?

A few days before my departure to Thailand, I ran around Lisbon until I found a €10 duffle bag from an all-purpose store ran by two cheery Chinese people watching a Chinese game show on their phones. I had stopped in the day before, so they were happy I kept my promise and came back. I went home that night to start packing and realized that I am going to have an issue. As you may imagine, for €10, a duffle bag isn’t designed to carry your entire life for the next month around Thailand. On top of that, I’m taking my original backpack I bought on Black Friday five years ago that again, was not designed for backpacking.

Let’s try to stick to the bare necessities. How bout an umbrella since it’s supposed to not rain, by storm for the next three weeks? Ok, I’ll keep that. But then what? Clothes, electronics, hygiene products – surely I can fit all of that in two bags…and if I can’t, then that’s a minimal issue that needs a solution.

After placing squashing in my clothes, electronics, hygiene products, and umbrella into the two bags, I notice they’re packed to the brim. Two bags is not much when you’re traveling for the next month, but two bags is also quite a lot when you’re carrying them on your back for the next month.

It’s not that the stuff in my bags is junk, but just that it’s impractical to have planned to travel to a cold part of the world (Europe) and a hot part of the world (Thailand) for the same trip – which is exactly what I’m doing. I mean it’s not like I’m hoarding my Furby around from 2002 in my luggage, but still, do I really need these extra pairs of jeans that I’ve had for the past four years?

Of course I like them – I’ve had them for years – and so, I think to myself, but what if I’ll want to use them again? What if I’ll need them again? What if I’ll miss them?

But that’s the trap.

decluttering your life

Can you remember anything from last year that you thought you might miss? Surely you threw something out or gave something away that you probably can’t even remember now – showing how insignificant all that questioning was. Or maybe you fell into the trap and are still holding onto something. That book you read once that you might want to read again (you can get it at the library for free), the cool ripped jeans that you Instagram all the time (they’ve probably already seen their life span), all those electronic cords that have their own drawer (if you’re not using the electronic, you won’t be using the cord). These are all just things that you think you might need again, but that you probably won’t, so they just sit there adding this clutter to your subconscious. That connection to things is not a connection to ourselves. You are not your stuff. 

It’s all about how you see your life. To me, getting rid of the excess helps me focus more on the things I really care about – in my current case, a trip to Thailand. Letting some clothes go will be worth the month of extra adventure I’m going to experience, that I may not have experienced, had I packed them into my bag, making it that much heavier. I won’t remember my red beanie hat or retro sneakers when I’m 75, but I sure will remember hiking under a waterfall with just my flip flops and camera.

You’ve got to learn to let things go, to your own benefit.

And with all that being said, here I sit on the floor of the Lisbon Airport Departures trying to reconfigure my bag to make it weigh even less.

Seriously, just throw the pants away.



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  • I find it reeeeally hard to let go of my attachment to things. Living in London means limited space so that helps me a lot but I could definitely do with downsizing my stuff. It’s just clutter and doesn’t add anything valuable to my life!
    Thank you so much for sharing and reminding me what’s important in life x

    • You’re already on your way to letting go! You got this, Natasha! 🙂

  • Pollen

    ugh, I’m such a hoarder! It doesn’t help that I’m the biggest sentimental person that ever lived.
    also, will you be learning Thai while you’re here in Thailand?

    Also, also, if you want to do something the locals do for cheap you should go to Chatucak park, not the market, on a beautiful Saturday morning or in the afternoon when t cools down and rent a bike to ride around (only 20 baht). It’s a healthy exercise and you can eat some yummy Thai food when you’re done.

    • Will keep ALL of this in mind for our trip to Bangkok! We’re doing many cities in Thailand!

  • Natasa Shepherd

    YAY I MADE IT OVER TO THE BLOG! I was like “How dare ya’ll have a life and not post vids on youtube for my entertainment?! Rude.” But then I realized there’s a blog and a whole website!
    Letting go of things is hard. But I have learned to pretty much manage with what can fit in a suitcase and a carry on. And when I can ditch the suitcase and deal with just the carry on I love it.
    I moved around constantly throughout life and I swear I start to get an itch if I don’t get on a plane at least twice a year (I know, its nothing for you guys).
    I have been binge watching your guys vids a lot lately (as you may tell from me commenting everywhere) and I am broke as fuck and have been saving $$ like mad the past year. And then I just had this moment of “What the fuck for?” and I know what its for (house,etc)but on one of your videos you were going on about the meaning of the word mortgage and I was just like “YES! FUCK THIS SHIT I’M GOING TO ICELAND.”
    And Yeah…. Hubbys birthday present this January is a trip to Iceland.
    Like the other Natasha said, thanks for reminding us what is important.
    You guys resonate so much with the half of me that wants to be wild and free and spontaneous. I just have to fight it out with the other side that plans and does excel sheets of imaginary budgets and scenarios. *Le sigh*

    Hope you guys have a great month! 🙂

    • Hey! Yeah, sometimes we wonder if people know we update our blog nearly every day as well!

      Anyway, you’re just like us! Most of the stuff lying around anyone’s house is pretty useless. You can go so far in the world and have 10x the memories for the same price as a nice a$$ couch in your living room.

      Also, you don’t “have” to fight the other side of you that does excel spreadsheets and budgets etc. That’s how Jo spend 75% of her time not-traveling (haha). 😉

  • Michaela J.

    What brand is your backpack? I’m going to Thailand for 4 weeks this summer and will be in a little mountain village volunteering with elephants and need to invest in a new travel backpack. P.S. I can’t believe I only just discovered your channel. I’ve been marathon-watching all of your videos, toooo good!

    • We get that question a lot, but unfortunately they don’t make it anymore. I got it from a Black Friday Sale off 34th Street in NYC, at a random store called WHO.A.U. which looks like Abercrombie & Fitch.