Tokyo Up Close


When I get home from Tokyo and people ask me where they should go, for the first time in the history of my travels I will say,

Honestly, anywhere.

And it’ll be super vague and not at all informative. I want to be as vague as possible.While I am slowly picking my favorites like Shimokitazawa (duh), Yanaka, and Akasaka, you should know that as a Westerner there is no better city to simply walk around in any neighborhood, and seriously any neighborhood, than in Tokyo.

Yes, yes, you know by now that we’re huge proponents of the fun lil’ game of spontaneity called “Pick a spot on a map, and go there,” but here in Tokyo, you don’t even have to play that game because everything around you, and really, everything around you, is fresh and foreign. You barely even have to try to find something interesting to photograph!

Look around, and see what you can find. Here’s Tokyo up close.
Tokyo Up Close | Street Vending Machines

Tokyo Up Close | Alcohol Izakaya

Tokyo Up Close | Samezu Shrine

Tokyo Up Close | Ameyoko Market Fruits

Tokyo Up Close | Japanese Lanterns

Tokyo Up Close | Tokyo Lanterns

Tokyo Up Close | Tokyo Vending Machines

Tokyo Up Close | Tokyo Flowers

Tokyo Up Close | Tokyo Green Taxi

Tokyo Up Close | Ameyoko Market

Tokyo Up Close | Tokyo Doors

Tokyo Up Close | Ueno Park Swan Boats

Tokyo Up Close | Japanese Street Art


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