So Much Time Wasted

Damon in the desert in California (near LA)

My tenth-grade English teacher once said something in class that I remember today eight years later:

How much of our lives do we spend wishing we were somewhere else? Saying we can’t wait for a moment in the future? Wishing we were X amount of years old? I hate to say it, but how many years are…wasted?

He was charismatic – one of the cool teachers – and also the coach of our high school football team, which I thought was refreshing since football coaches are not typically the type of people to drop wisdom bombshells on you in the middle of fourth period.

I don’t remember why he said that, but I do remember not being able to focus on my book for the next twenty minutes of “reading time.” Yes, partly because we were restricted to books on the literature reading list, but his wisdom throw down was really what I, and a lot of people needed (and need) to hear at the moment.

Deserted landscape | California Desert | so much time wasted

Damon Dominique in the desert | so much time wasted

Typical Influencer Foot shot (but in the desert) | so much time wasted

He’s right; when will we ever recognize the pattern?

When it’s Monday morning, we’re waiting for the weekend. In fact, many people “live for the weekend.” When we’re back in school after Winter Break, we can’t wait for Spring Break, and when it’s Spring Break, we’re dying for summer. We can’t wait for it to be chilly in winter so we can wear layers, and when it’s winter, we can’t stand the cold and want to walk out of the house with a tank top on. We can’t wait for college and when we’re in college, we can’t wait to be out of college. When we’ve landed our first “real” job, we’re waiting for 5pm. We’re waiting for vacation days. We’re waiting for retirement to finally spend all the money we’ve put into a 401k.

We spend our lives wishing and waiting for a different time yet when we get there it’s never enough. And then it’s painful to realize we spent our whole lives wishing we were everywhere except where we are now.

Don’t wait for your life to start.

Every second of our lives should matter. This time counts just as much as any other time.


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  • Mitchell Mealy

    YES to this whole thing! We need to start living in the present so much more.

  • Sara Maia

    Nós temos que lembrar disso sempre!!! Vivemos tanto no passado ou no futuro, que esquecemos de viver o presente. Vivendo esperando o fim de semana, as férias, algo-cair-do-céu-pra-resolver-nossos-problemas………………. é horrível. Cansa e, como tu disse, o tempo passa…

  • Ariana

    This is so true!! I always think about this. Even I, who always strives to live in the moment and is severely aware that these moments won’t always be here, catches myself sometimes thinking like this. Thank you for writing this!

  • this is so true.
    but it’s just hard, y’know?
    because there really isn’t anything worth remembering at the moment.
    and nothing worth being happy for.

  • Kiddo

    This was like a wake up call to me. Honestly it opened my eyes…THANK YOU!

  • This is so true! I’m in my senior year of college (Praise Jesus! :P) and I keep saying “I can’t wait until I graduate!” I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WANT TO DO WHEN I GRADUATE! I have to remember to live in the now and be thankful for what I have and what I am doing now! This was such a great reminder! ^_^