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If You Want to Sound French, Learn These Words

French Lesson

All those words you learn from a textbook that the French actually don’t use. Here’s a list.


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  • Tom Ainger

    Hi guys,

    Loved your youtube video with Geraldine! I love French and teach it here in Hong Kong, which has a big expat French community and some French Canadians. I came across Max Boublil on youtube – have a look.. definitely for 20-somethings not for school students! – Prêt-moi ta meuf is a great song, but he has made lots – the speed is nice and slow too so you pick up so much.


    à tantôt… à plus…

    • Hey Tom! Congrats on living an untraditional lifestyle! Sounds like fun! We’ll check out Max Boublil; we’re always up to watch new French YouTubers to see if we actually do speak French. Hehe.