Damon and Jo | Shut Up Swag | Merchandise

There comes a time in every YouTuber’s career when the pressure to release merchandise, or in super cool social media generation terms “merch,” just becomes too great. Totally kidding; I mean it took us five years to finally design something we’re happy with releasing.

If you’re in with the Shut Up and Go brand, please take a look at our new Merch store, published only a few days ago.

Damon and Jo Merch | Shut Up Swag | Shut Up and Go Shirt
Damon and Jo Merch | Shut Up Swag | Shut Up and Go Canvas Bag

 Because we have a new found love for merch design, we will be adding and removing items from the store every few weeks!

Click here to do your birthday shopping, Mother’s Day shopping, Father’s Day shopping, Christmas in July shopping, Halloween shopping, Black Friday shopping, and Christmas shopping. Shut up and go buy a canvas bag here: #ShutUpSwag Merch Store.


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