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How to Pronounce the French “R”

The “R” in any language is challenging… think Spanish, Italian, English, and most of all, French. We break down this essential topic with some Damon & Jo technique.


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  • Fa

    U guys are AWESOME! Really, keep on doing this videos and soon u guys gonna be huge!!
    And more Portuguese videos, even I’m a brazilian living in eastern europe, I love those’em!

  • Robert Brown

    I saw you yesterday on CommeUneFrancaise,com with Geraldine. Very interesting, so checked out your web site and just watched a couple of videos of yours. “How to pronounce the French “R”” and “How to sound cooler in French” . Very funny, educational and interesting. Keep up the great stuff. I’ll check back often.

    • Thanks Robert! Means a lot that you came over to our channel and then to our site! We tend to post a new French video at least every week! Glad you enjoyed 😀