Places I’m Pissed I Never Went To in Paris

Tell me how I spent one year in Paris, and then even led an eleven-day French immersion trip and still totally missed these places? Whaaaat kind of travel blogger do I think I am? #Disappointed. So here, I present you with the places I’m pissed I never went to in Paris. Like ugh.

Le Comptoir Général 

80 Quai de Jemmapes – 10th arrondissementcomptoir15

#ApartmentGoals. FINALLY a place that represents the kitsch style I somehow like. I’m still confused as to what this place actually IS, because after an hour of intense Google Image searching, it looked to me like a car/bar number, but the website confirms it is in fact a “ghetto” museum. I’m okay with both.



[photos courtesy of IDEAL and Rene Humphrey]

La Coulée Verte

Bastille – 12th arrondissement


Some call it La Coulée Verte and others call it La Promenade Plantée, basically it’s the same concept as New York’s High Line, except built in 1993 instead of 2009. The City of Paris took an abandoned railroad track and transformed it into a walkable path throughout the eastern arrondissements of Paris, so that in case you got sick of the beauty of Paris street-level, you could at least escape to a trail 7m in the air.

[photo courtesy of Like Home in Paris]

L’Opéra de Paris

interior of opera garnier

When I moved to Paris, opera, ballet, and the fines arts were not a huge hobby of mine, but after a year of strolling around the Parisian streets and taking advantage of the free entrance to museums in Paris on the first Sunday of the month, your appreciation for beauty and art grows on you. Paris makes you that way.

Nowadays, I’d be more than willing to go see a show at the Opéra de Paris! You can look up nearly any Google image about “Palais Garnier” and you’ll probably jealous you’re not there. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

[photo courtesy of Paris et Vous]

La Géode

la géode paris

I remember passing this odd-looking future ball, but instead of wondering more about what it could be, I remember I got distracted by a woman with her cat on a leash. Oh if only I could find that picture.

This thing is located in the Parc de la Vilette, where I have been a zillion times in summer for the free movies on the lawn, and the entire reason I want to go there is because inside that huge discoball, they have an IMAX theater!

[photo courtesy of Join The Dots]

La Piscine Josephine Baker


A pool in a river. The only pool in a river I know and have gone to is that one called Badeschiff in Berlin. Google it. It’s super cool. Why did I never hear of this one in Paris? I’m even a big fan of Josephine Baker, an American dancer who moved to Paris in order to escape the segregated audiences of the States in the 1900s.

But just in case you’ve never been to a Parisian pool, there are signs that say long swimming shorts are prohibited. Basically any of those swimming shorts you’d see guys wearing at an American pool. Don’t worry though; they do sell speedos in vending machines and you will seriously stand out if you aren’t wearing a speedo. Yes, North America, I know you’re scared or embarrassed or you think a speedo is “girly,” but get over it.

Been there, done that.

[photo courtesy of Hipsters in Paris]

What other super cool things did I miss out on in Paris?

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  • Barbara

    Have you ever been to the Museé des Arts Forains/Museum of Fairground Art ( behind Bercy Village in the 12th? It’s amazing, like walking into a dream. I haven’t found any other tourist to Paris who’s ever heard of it, let alone visited.

    • No! Adding it to my long, handwritten list now! I’m visiting Paris in May! Thanks for the recommendation, Barbara!

  • Sou-Ann

    omg you should totally go to La Foire Du Trône!

    • NEVER heard of it! Thanks Sou-Ann; I love a good amusement park!

  • Quincy

    Definitely going to make some of these a must-visit when I go to Paris to au pair next month!

    • How long will you be there? We’ve always wondered what it would be like to be an au pair! What program are you going through? 🙂

  • Ella

    Thanks for a great list of some of the less well known things to see in Paris, I’m definitely going to try and visit some of them when the family I’m au pairing for take me to Paris for the Easter holidays!

    • Trust me, so am I the next time I make it over to Paris! Can’t wait! Have fun Au Pairing – that is one job we have never really done!

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