• Motivation

    Advice from Not Your Average Jo

    Jo here, sitting in a dark coffee shop, with limited airflow, overly priced coffee, and above average WiFi speeds. Much like you, I have a million things on my mind at…

  • Italy

    All The Beautiful Photos We Took In Italy

    It’s now been two weeks since our magical train trip on the Venice Simplon Orient Express through Europe (the fact that we can even write those words is still unbelievable) and…

  • Motivation

    How to Waste Your Time Better

    What does it mean when the first thing we all do every morning is grab for our phone? Ironically enough, the first article I read this morning after grabbing my phone…

  • pessimist to positive

    6 Ways to go From Pessimist to Positive

    Think about the past ten minutes of your life, have you complained? Many go through life with a pessimist attitude, and wonder why they’re miserable 95% of the time. It’s pretty…

  • Italy Life Stories

    The Art of Dolce Far Niente

    In America, you go your whole life shaming yourself when you’re “lazy,” then you go to Italy where dolce far niente is an accepted, practiced, and perfected art form. Italians sit with…

  • Burbank Warner Bros Studios | Things to do in Burbank | Visit Burbank
    Travel Guides USA

    8 Things You Need to Do in Burbank

    It’s been nearly two years since we first started considering Los Angeles our home base. As travelers, we’re often just coming home to dump out our luggages in our hampers to do…

  • Italy Life Stories

    From Rags to Riches (For a Day)

    From wearing rags and scrubbing toilets to drinking fine wines from crystal goblets while wearing pearls – in this life, it’s all possible. It’s not like I’ve become a millionaire overnight,…

  • Italy

    Venice Photo Diary

    Venice, Italy, I knew I loved you. You’re a city I have yet to experience elsewhere, and I find you, probably over any other place I have visited in the world,…