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    Fitness for Life

    I’ve been reflecting and reflecting on what my first blog post should be after the news I dropped last week. The reality is, it’s not easy to go back to normal when…

  • jardim botanico 12
    Brazil Motivation

    No, They’re Not Just Plants

    2017 was the year I learned I was a plant person. This was something that happened quite suddenly and something that surprised me as well – this is coming from someone…

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    Bad Travel Photos: Spain & Portugal

    Maybe you feel good, looking at our countless bad travel photos. They’re the definition of the word fail. They’re the photos we’ll look back at when we’re 57 and say, what were…

  • bibi sucos copacabana veggie burger vegetarian restaurants
    Brazil Motivation

    Eat A Meal Alone

    Let me start by saying I ate at the same place five times in one week. Five times. Three of those times at 11pm, so gimme a break here; My options…

  • home-sweet-home
    Brazil Life Stories

    Honey, I’m Home

    How can you call a place home, if you’ve never really lived there? Great question, my first day back in Brazil in 2017 got me thinking about the phenomenon of belonging…

  • pudahuel airport chili - gate 20
    Life Stories

    Notes from a Chilean Airport

    I’m sitting next to Gate 20 at Pudahuel airport in Chili – an unfortunate name, I’ve deemed, with its close proximity to puta (whore) and huele (smells). Lo siento, I don’t…

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    Different Country, Same Pose

    You know how most people take various pictures at different angles, serving up different looks, and working different poses? For one of our trips, we did the opposite. The year was…

  • Italy

    Bad Travel Photos: Italy

    It’s 2017 and everyone is striving for the best photo, but what happens when you have two non-professionals doing a job where you should know everything about a camera, angles, and lighting…