• GOALS FOR 2017

    7 GOALS FOR 2017

    So here comes my cliché list of goals for the start of 2017. While I don’t believe that you need to wait until a new year to set goals, it’s just…

  • Damon in the desert in California (near LA)

    So Much Time Wasted

    My tenth-grade English teacher once said something in class that I remember today eight years later: How much of our lives do we spend wishing we were somewhere else? Saying we can’t…

  • Spain

    15+ Struggles of Living in Barcelona

    Ahh, the common struggles of daily life. Just when you thought the “grass was always greener” let me stop you there; Barcelona doesn’t even have grass. We all know it’s, without a…

  • 2016 Travel Wish List, Revisited | San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge
    Life Stories

    2016 Travel Wish List, Revisited

    On January 10th, 2016, I wrote a post called 2016 Travel Wish List, where I highlighted the places I most wanted to visit in 2016. I purposely named it Wish List,…

  • Motivation We Fly High

    We Fly High with Matthew

    Jo here, writing to you from my informal workspace during the holidays, my childhood bedroom. In this month’s We Fly High feature, we talk to an extremely charismatic medical school student…


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