• porto-portugal

    Are We the Same Person?

    When we first met on social media seven years ago, we had no idea that we’d: share a love for travel share a passion for languages share a passion for chocolate…

  • best-apps

    6 Favorite iPhone Apps | Summer 2017

    Recently, I’ve noticed, I do every damn thing on my phone. I used to have an issue with squinting and typing long and elaborate emails while in motion. Back in the…

  • south-beach-miami
    Life Stories Motivation

    Dear Solo Travel

    To: Solo Travel. From: One of your biggest admirers. My dear old friend, it’s been far too long since we’ve gotten together. You know, distance makes the heart grow fonder, and…

  • eurostar paris to london
    England Life Stories

    The London Diaries: Day Six

    Please let this London Diary distract me from my present moment. So here’s what’s happening: Me. Car 6, Seat 67. Stinking up the Eurostar. Not only am I committing a major…

  • london day 2
    England Life Stories

    The London Diaries: Day Two

    I woke up at 12:30pm. I know, I know. It’s partly because I’m still accustomed to eight hours behind on LA time…and partly because I was out till 6am. When I…

  • Motivation

    Advice from Not Your Average Jo

    Jo here, sitting in a dark coffee shop, with limited airflow, overly priced coffee, and above average WiFi speeds. Much like you, I have a million things on my mind at…