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Of course we recommend getting to a French-speaking country ASAP, winning over a French boo, and immersing yourself daily in millefeuilles and vin rouge, but many times, it’s just not the right time. No problem. We’ve put together a list of the resources we have literally used along the way of our years of learning the language of love. Every book we have listed here has literally passed through our hands in the past few years, and although we have read many, many more French books, these are the ones that worked for us, and that we think would work for you. Profitez bien!

French Grammar

Most people say they “don’t care about grammar” and “just want to speak the language.” Behind any language, is a clear set of grammar rules, so unless you plan on memorizing 10,000 expressions from a phrase book, you should invest in a grammar book and speak for yourself!


French Slang

Sounding like you speak French is more than just learning grammar. To sound très français, you need to either live among the French and pick up their body language and daily cuss words, or buy one of these slang-filled books:


French Culture

Part of mastering a language is mastering its culture. Knowing your camemberts from your bries is just as important as knowing your cou from your cul. It’s all very necessary. Here are our favorite novels set in France and helpful, funny Parisian guides.


French Films


Best websites to learn French

IELanguages: Your straight-up, give-it-to-me guide to languages, in this case French. IELanguages is perfect for those language learners who don’t need thirteen chapters to go over the basics of a language, and for those who have probably already learned a romance language.

FluentU: A newsletter you should sign up for if you’re a fan of blog titles like 8 Catchy French Songs You’ve Gotta Download ASAP or 11 French Phrases You’ve Gotta Learn to Impress Natives.

Oui C’est Ça: One of the best, if not the best blog for learning French is a fun and funny way.

French Morning: Need a dose of news but want to knock out your daily language lesson too? Sign up for French Morning’s newsletters and skim through their site to get the 411 on what’s happening in major US cities, or read the “Édition Nationale” for full-blown French news.

Tex’s French Grammar: If you’re looking for more quirky, memorable visuals, and we’re talking visuals of armadillos (yes, the animal) named Tex and Tammy, then this is your site. Content is broken down by grammar topic, and you’ve got dialogues and exercises from…the two armadillos Tex and Tammy.

BBC Languages French

  • Déja Vu: An oddly-intriguing podcast series about a mysterious love story. Kind of will remind you of the Twilight series and you’ll probably get hooked after the first few podcasts to find out what happens.
  • Ma France: A 24-unit series featuring videos on different France-related topics. You can turn on subtitles, and play games after videos to see how much…ahem, or how little, you understood.

Our French Videos

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  • alo alo marciano

    Hi guys! well, I’m from Brazil and I’m trying to learn French with ur videos and it’s helping me soooo much, i learnt so many words and rules, thank u for doing this videos, hope i can learn more till I travel somewhere. with love, camilla


  • Angela Mendoza

    Hi Damon & Jo! I just graduated high school and only in the latter part of my senior year did I realize that I actually love french and wanted to learn more! So here I am four months later, on bbc french, duolingo, FluentU, and of course your very useful videos & blogs, looking forward to when I could travel to France and speak to locals with ease and be as fluent in French as you twenty-somethings <3 Thank you so much for the inspiration and useful tips.

  • Lalitha Sengsommaly

    I am in high school and I am learning french. I need tips on how to speak. I can read and write , but when it comes to speaking I have trouble forming words! HELP ME!

  • broda shrivastava

    Hi Damon & Jo! I am learning french for 2 years but still I am not able to speak fluently. I work in a company as an Analyst. So for me its only 2-3 hours that I can give maximum to language. Please suggest me how to be an expert when you have only 2-3 hours in a day.

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  • Ariana kjd

    Love you guys. I’m learning French and this is just what I needed. Come to New Zealand sometime xo

  • Yasmine Ali

    Please recommend some books and films for spanish, I would appreciate it so much

    • Lucía

      Hi, i would recommed any book written by Laura Gallego or Carlos Ruiz Zafón.
      About films … Maybe “ocho apellidos vascos”, “Volver”, “el laberinto del fauno”

    • Adriana Zapata

      Hi Yasmine, I suggest watching films from latinamerican countries besides the brilliant suggestions included for Lucia, since the 3 of them came from Spain, so you can notice the differences in our accents:
      Argentina: 9 reinas, Relatos Salvajes, El secreto de sus ojos
      Colombia: El abrazo de la serpiente
      Perú: La teta asustada
      México: Amores perros, Rudo y cursi, Sin nombre

    • Azriela

      I watched this one called “Pan’s Labyrinth” a few years ago. It’s set in 1944 Spain and is very well made. I watched it with my mom who knows Spanish and I read the English Subtitles. Be careful if you don’t like scary movies though.

  • Bastien Currenti

    je vous adore franchement vous vous débrouillez très bien !

  • Chloe Rachel

    Hey Damon and Jo! I recently found your channel on YouTube while I was searching for French youtubers. I instantly loved you guys and you inspire me me to learn more languages (just started level one of Portuguese and Italian on Duolingo lol) My main goal right now is to 100% understand atleast one of your French videos (I’m at like 60%) and in the future, one of your Portuguese videos (at like .5% right now). So anyway I know a big part of learning a language is listening and speaking so I wanted to know if you guys know of any websites or links where I could watch American cartoons, like spongebob, but in French or the languages I mentioned previously. (Preferably with English subtitles). Thanks and keep being amazing!!!! 🙂

    • Isabelle Cruz

      Hi, im brazilian, do you want help with your portuguese?

    • type “bob l’éponge” in youtube. there are tons of episodes. no subtitles though.

  • Daeze

    Salut Damon and Jo , Merci beaucoup pour ses videos. They’ve helped me A LOT with learning french. Could you please do more review videos in french e.g Books, Movies etc Thank you. Je vous adore <3

  • Piotr Skóra

    Hello, I will try to make it as short as possible. I moved from Poland to Scotland, I know english … ok I understand english but i do not talk much. I want to become more familiar with english but also I want to learn French. Do you think it is a good idea to learn english by learning other language in english school? ^^

    • Dia Štefánková

      I learned Japanese by watching tons of anime in Japanese, but a surprising side effect of this was, that my English got also better, cause I watched it with English subtitles. I already knew some English from school, but I learned a ton of native phrases this way. If you wanna learn more native English, I would definitely recommend you to watch lots of English TV. I don`t think there should be a problem to learn French through English. I live in Japan now and I started learning French, so I`m reading about French grammar from Japanese books, lol. bizzare. Also, I`m sure your English speaking skills will improve, when you get our there and talk to your classmates. Good luck 🙂

  • Stan

    you can find good french tutors on Preply https://preply.com/en/skype/french-tutors

  • Rachel Amanda

    can anybody recommend me french tv shows to watch??

    • Alvin Scott

      Engrenages (Spiral in english) is a police drama. I find it very difficult to understand what is being said, but the show is engaging so I don’t get bored or frustrated. You can watch on Netflix, Amazon or buy the DVD. I bought the DVDs so I could watch the episode in French, then English and then French again.

  • daniel DUCTEIL

    If you want to learn French why don’t you use books we used to use, like the best one : “méthode Boscher”
    There is many books from that edition