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New York Nostalgia

The other day I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop (probably of all time) Brooklyn Roasting Co in DUMBO (yes, there’s a neighborhood in Brooklyn called DUMBO) and while was browsing through our YouTube videos to see which…


Peace and Cloisters

The sun peeks through trees as the wind howls delicately through the crowds of people; nature lives. And yes, even in NYC. But probably a few more subway stops Uptown than you’re used to going. Jump on the A…

The view from San Diego's Point Loma Tide Pools
Motivation USA

Where You Should Really Be

I’m slapping away at my keyboard from the corner of Café Bassam in San Diego – a random coffee shop I found on Yelp after searching these (such specific) words: “coffee shop open late wifi plugs laptop” – and not…


40+ Struggles of Living in NYC

Living in New York makes you wonder why you live in New York. It’s loud and dirty, rude and congested, yet “there’s an undeniable energy that makes it all worth it” – as any New York City blog would say. Hmm,…

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Locals of Los Angeles: Karina

One afternoon while exploring a new corner of Downtown, I stopped into Starbucks to get my tall Americano (the cheaper version of a latte). You know, the typical routine, except that this time I ran into someone who had…


Overcast in Castro

I’ll keep it real with you. When I first thought of this title, I, too, was like “yeah, alright you still got it, Damon.” Not sure if you’ve noticed, but naming blogs tends to be the hardest part of drafting…

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Why Temescal Canyon Kicks Runyon’s Ass

When we first moved to LA, all of the locals, whether by birth or adoption, would gush about this marvelous “Runyon Canyon” and how we NEEDED to hike there to finally feel like we had done the best hike…


Sunday at Sutro

It wasn’t until I pulled out my handy-dandy 2014 guidebook that I discovered Sutro Baths was a thing. I then took to Twitter to ask what I should do in for my three-day stint in SF and again, I…