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18 Hours in Napa Valley

In our quickest trip yet, we flew to Napa Valley on four hour’s notice, arrived at 10pm, drove two hours to Napa Valley, woke up, edited a Portuguese video, attended The Grateful Table for a few glasses of wine in…


In Love With These Streets

I love living in Southern California for the street names alone. Just imagine a GPS telling you to turn right on: Sunset Boulevard, La Cienega Boulevard, La Brea, Avenue of the Stars, or Silver Lake Boulevard. You might be…

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Layin’ Low in Laguna Beach

I think it was your average Wednesday afternoon when Jo and I decided it was time to take a weekend trip down to Laguna Beach, a city we’d never been to but had heard about for the past ten…


Making The Stories You Want To Happen Happen

New York – better than sex. Those are the first words of this New York City guidebook I’m reading. Not that I need a guidebook after having lived in New York for five years and visiting multiple times even…

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I Love New York, I Think?

I was randomly inspired to re-watch season 1 of Sex and The city yesterday. Maybe it was partly because of my own personal “Mr. Big” love war, or because I had started getting my groove back by talking to…

Burbank Warner Bros Studios | Things to do in Burbank | Visit Burbank
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8 Things You Need to Do in Burbank

It’s been nearly two years since we first started considering Los Angeles our home base. As travelers, we’re often just coming home to dump out our luggages in our hampers to do laundry, only to repack for our next trip.…

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16 Things You Must Do in New Orleans

16 Things You Must Do in New Orleans Indulgence isn’t even skimming the surface of what you’re bound to experience in New Orleans. Between the mixed cultures, decadent foods, music you can’t not dance to, chilling history, and that…

Guide to Chicago in the Cold

A Guide to Chicago in the Cold

There’s a reason Drake’s lyric is not, Weekend in Chicago, tryna study by the pool. Even from the beginning of the time, it’s like I’m always in Chicago in the middle of January. This has become such a clear…

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Trying to Find the Christmas Spirit in New York City

If you’ve watched any Christmas movie ever released, you’ve probably seen yellow cabs in the backdrop and people wearing fluffy earmuffs bundled up in warm coats, all shuffling through busy crosswalks while holding cups of coffee. The setting of these…

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High Risk, High Reward

About four years ago, I was sitting in our unofficial office space, the café area of Whole Foods Tribeca, and decided that I would go big for Mother’s day. I planned on using my measly credit card points (saved…