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sky garden in london
England Travel Guides

9 Places to Love About London

I once took an eight hour bus ride where I had to withstand a crying baby for the entirety of the trip from Paris, to London. After surviving a pretty painful bus ride, I spent four short days exploring…

Mexico Travel Guides

Crossing the Border into Mexico

As an immigrant, I have a less than happy-go-lucky relationship with borders, immigration officers, and customs, but as a traveling blogger and YouTuber, I felt it was my duty to swallow my anxiety and cross over to Mexico by foot.…

Travel Guides USA

Why Temescal Canyon Kicks Runyon’s Ass

When we first moved to LA, all of the locals, whether by birth or adoption, would gush about this marvelous “Runyon Canyon” and how we NEEDED to hike there to finally feel like we had done the best hike…

Travel Guides USA

Snapping Away San Diego

If you’ve ever watched our Snapchat (@damonandjo), you might have noticed that I’m not exactly the MVP of the snap-o-sphere. I, Joanna Franco, admit that I was originally anti-Snapchat because 1. it’s ANOTHER social media platform to keep updating…

Travel Guides

5 Things To Love About New Orleans

You can call it NOLA (stands for New Orleans, Louisiana, betcha didn’t know that, huh?!), N’awlins, or good ol’ New Orleans; the truth is always the same: this place puts a twinkle in my eye and has rightfully earned…

nyc subway
Travel Guides USA

How to Ride the NYC Subway

The New York City subway was not made for dummies. WTF is going on? Taking taxis everywhere? Fuhgettaboutit! Ain’t nobody got money for that. New York City boasts a 24-hour subway system, and we’re ready to show you how…


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