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Locals of Portugal

Locals of Lisbon: Qianru Luo

I remember scouring through Couchsurfing profiles of people living in Lisbon and passing someone whose current mission was to “Live in the present. Find a way to live in New York.” and then further down in her profile, I…


Where to Chillout with Your Laptop in Lisbon

When you ask someone in Europe if they know of a coffee shop you can go to, they’ll think you mean “a café.” If you’re like me, that’s not what you mean. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your…


My first trip to the Portuguese Supermarket

I have a thing with grocery stores – big ones, little ones, and most of all, European ones. They all seem to have a different, I don’t know, vibe to them? Hmm, it’s probably just less advertising, but every trip to…


Hiking Sintra (and getting lost)

Ok, to start this post off, let me just remind you that I am not, I repeat not a fan of small towns centered around one tourist attraction; they tend to always be full of tourists. But today, I am…


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