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25 Photos From My iPhone: Portugal

Ask me again why we have a Canon Rebel T5i, Canon G7X, Canon G7X Mark II, and use none of them for photography? While you’re at it, ask me why the 99% of the photos we take with our iPhones…


Are We the Same Person?

When we first met on social media seven years ago, we had no idea that we’d: share a love for travel share a passion for languages share a passion for chocolate milk. Those things were soon exposed while hanging…

Cafezinho and Pastel de nata - a typical Portuguese breakfast

8AM in Alfama

The clock strikes. It’s 8AM in Alfama. Alfama is that neighborhood in Lisbon you can spend hours and hours going from little cobblestone alley to little cobblestone alley. It’s that village life where each and every turn in the labyrinth will…


Vegetarian Restaurants in Lisbon: I Tried Them All

Being a vegetarian in Lisbon – who knew it would be this easy? Well, it wasn’t last year when I was randomly working at a hostel bar, but things have clearly changed and Lisbon is totally on the come-up. Some…

Damon Dominique (that's me) chilling on the Dom Luis Bridge in Porto.

Two Days in Porto

You’ve got two days in Porto. The good thing is: you need about two hours to see the main sights – you may think you’ll be running around to see the city, but by the third and fourth hour, you’ll…

A view of a tiny alleyway and the apartments above it.

Porto Photo Diary

It was a wet seven days I spent in Porto. It would have been perfect if I felt like Portugal was a place it should be gray, raining, and very depressing-looking while I’m visiting, but to me, Portuguese towns should…

Locals of Portugal

Locals of Lisbon: Qianru Luo

I remember scouring through Couchsurfing profiles of people living in Lisbon and passing someone whose current mission was to “Live in the present. Find a way to live in New York.” and then further down in her profile, I…


Where to Chillout with Your Laptop in Lisbon

When you ask someone in Europe if they know of a coffee shop you can go to, they’ll think you mean “a café.” If you’re like me, that’s not what you mean. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your…