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Minimalism Must-Haves

6 Multi-Purpose Items to Pack for Any Trip

Travelers are always looking for the lightest, and most efficient way to pack; ain’t nobody trying to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame because of heavy bags and poor packing. While most people dream of packing light, there’s…

Motivation Must-Haves

You Know You’re a Traveler When…

When I was a youngin’ I would daydream a scene of myself running around airport corridors while I moved from one gate to the next, jetting my way through life. Fast forward, and that daydream became a reality, only…

Motivation Must-Haves

The Disposable Camera Effect

Maybe you’ve heard us spiel on and on about how much we love disposable cameras. If not, here we go again. Let’s face it, if you’re around us long enough, chances are we’ll whip out an old-fashioned, wind-up, 27-shot disposable…


Gifts Under $15 for any Travel Diva

Travel Diva /ˈtravəl dēvə/ noun a person who travels often, and when they travel they pull off looking fabulous, well rested, and refreshed despite being the exact opposite. someone who looks and acts particularly fierce while traveling The key to…


14+ Awesome, Cheap Gifts For Travelers

The best part about buying gifts for travelers? They don’t need much. The worst part about buying gifts for travelers? They don’t need much. If you’re stuck/blessed with the opportunity to buy a gift for your best friend, bae, or anyone who’s obsessed…


Buying Flights without Breaking the Bank

I vividly remember being 14 and wanting to be that independent power woman who was glued to a carry-on suitcase shifting from one airport to the next. Then I distinctly remember being 16 and realizing that I would have to…


5 Things You Must Do Before You Travel

1. Put a travel notice on your debit and credit cards To avoid having your heart sink to your butt because you got an “error, can’t access your funds” message in the middle of a foreign country while trying to withdraw money…