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What You Need to Survive

Once upon a time, R&B lovers far and wide belted an anthem that hit home: I’m a survivor (what?) I’m not gon’ give up (what?) I’m not gon’ stop (what?) I’m gon’ work harder (what?)” While most of the…

Minimalism Motivation

Leaving Los Angeles 👋

Look at how cute my room was in Los Angeles. So cozy, so delicately decorated; yes, with Ikea’s cheapest items, but still carefully selected and hand built to create my humble abode for a full year. It was the…

Life Stories Minimalism Motivation USA

LA Memoir

It’s been three weeks that I’ve tried writing this post, and also three weeks since I’ve moved from LA. It’s not because I’m sad, because I’m everything but sad; it’s moreso that I don’t know what to write. I moved. I move…

Life Stories Minimalism

24 Realities About Being 24

This Friday, I turned 24; what some might like to call one of the blandest ages to be. I see it as a beautiful time in your life where you’re finally an adult and there’s no denying it. This…

Minimalism Must-Haves

6 Multi-Purpose Items to Pack for Any Trip

Travelers are always looking for the lightest, and most efficient way to pack; ain’t nobody trying to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame because of heavy bags and poor packing. While most people dream of packing light, there’s…

Minimalism Motivation

How to Save a Crapload of Money For Travel

Here’s a truth: traveling cheaply still requires money. Some people see that we’re young twenty-somethings who travel all over the world and immediately jump to the conclusion that we do it on our parents’ dime. Au contraire, y’all. It’s a…

Minimalism Motivation

The “Happiness Holiday”

The holidays have started to fade into the haze of “in 2016 I’m going to…” and “this year is going to bring…” and other “promising” New Year resolutions, and while everyone looks forward into the next 12 months that…

Minimalism Motivation

One Day Offline

There once was a blog I wrote called Stop Scrolling, Start Doing, which, to this day, is one my favorite posts I’ve ever written. In the post, I mentioned how annoyed I had become at myself about how I was always on…

Life Stories Minimalism

Disconnect to Reconnect

Not having a cell phone for 24 hours creates a serious case of phantom pain. My phone is just as important as another limb, and if I don’t have it, it hurts. Like, what do you mean I can’t…