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Mexico Motivation

The Colors of México

I feel like a lot of times when a person visits a city, or actually even when you live in a city, you see the city for what it is but pretty much epicly fail at noticing the details…

Mexico Travel Guides

Crossing the Border into Mexico

As an immigrant, I have a less than happy-go-lucky relationship with borders, immigration officers, and customs, but as a traveling blogger and YouTuber, I felt it was my duty to swallow my anxiety and cross over to Mexico by foot.…

Mexico Travel Guides

What’s Poppin’ in Playa Del Carmen

!Cuidado Cancun! Playa del Carmen is about to take your *corona as the sexiest Mexican destination for the twenty-somethings to soak in the sun. After living in the home of the Mayans, Fondas, and Mariachi bands this past Summer, we filmed a…


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