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Locals of USA

Locals of Fort Wayne: Ben Linehan

When it comes to Fort Wayne, you tend to run into two kinds of people: those who grumble about how Fort Wayne is the most boring place in the US, and then those who believes there’s a bright future…

Locals of USA

Locals of Nashville: Asher Morey

Let the man bun speak for itself. The dude breathed nonchalant down-to-earth cool – exactly what my NY crazy a$$ needs from time to time. Originally from Kansas, Asher moved to Nashville to study audio engineering, math, and eventually entrepreneurship.…

Locals of USA

Locals of New York City: Dominique Boyer

I admit that it’s partly cheating that we’re using one of our best friends as one of our cool locals, but like, sorry we’re not sorry she’s perfect for this role! Dominique was one of our first friends we met…

Locals of USA

Locals of New York City: Shira Galler

We met Shira after googling “free coworking spaces in new york city” and going to about page five, where we found a free space called Wix Lounge in Chelsea. We used the space partly because they offered free espresso drinks, partly…


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