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Locals of Paris: Camille

One day during a random YouTube binge session, I searched “Paris vloggers,” and I came across one of Camille’s videos of her lookbook in St. Tropez. It’s not like I’m a fashion dude, but I do love a nice film…

Locals of Los Angeles Misako
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Locals of Los Angeles: Misako

It was Wednesday morning, 9:46am when I woke up to a series of texts, “I’m here.” “I’m outside” “Ok, you’re sleeping, so I’ll be over in Document Coffee down the street.” And that’s how you know Misako is a good…

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Locals of Paris: Lisa

I’ve read Lisa’s blog for the longest – using it as my inspiration to keep on keeping’ on in Paris, where there’s an abundance of b*tchy boulangers, sassy servers, and cashiers who couldn’t give less f*cks. For some, the…

Locals of USA

Locals of Los Angeles: Karina

One afternoon while exploring a new corner of Downtown, I stopped into Starbucks to get my tall Americano (the cheaper version of a latte). You know, the typical routine, except that this time I ran into someone who had…

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Locals of Los Angeles: Kim Valderas

Kim and I met freshman year of college back in New York – where we instantly bonded over the common theme of getting sh!t done in a timely fashion, or as we called it “making moves.” Nowadays, we’re making…

Locals of Portugal

Locals of Lisbon: Qianru Luo

I remember scouring through Couchsurfing profiles of people living in Lisbon and passing someone whose current mission was to “Live in the present. Find a way to live in New York.” and then further down in her profile, I…


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