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Five Things To Keep Your Sanity

It’s been a pretty stressful year, amiright? Between Donald Trump’s ridiculous tweets, Apples new update, the Equifax Breach, North Korea, men in the limelight being scumbags in the limelight, and whatever else you have going on in your life,…

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Inside My $1100 Los Angeles Studio

When you ask what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks, I could respond in a few ways. I tried watching Stranger Things but was too much of a wimp to get past the first few jumps. I…

Iceland Life Stories

The Last Day Curse

If you’re a realist, you’ll agree with me when I say there’s an ominous fear that comes from things going too well in your life. Sure, you’re happy. You got a new opportunity at work, you just reached six…

A Paris All Your Own
France Life Stories

The Stupid Little Things About Paris

There’s no other city that gets me in the heart like Paris. Not that Paris gets me – it’s probably one of the last cities that gets me. I clash daily with servers and store clerks, I ask myself…

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Six Lessons Learned After Six Months of Being Shot

It’s official. It’s been six months since I started living life with a little extra piece inside of me, the bullet, aka Tijewky (named her – yes she’s a lady – after Tijuca, the neighborhood where the accident happened).…

Ommwriter App for Writing | Best Minimalist Plug-ins Extensions Apps Add-ons
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7 Minimalist Laptop Extensions You Need

You’ve been on your laptop for what, like an hour now? Two? Ten minutes? The point is: we all spend so much time on our laptops and iPhones that we might as well make the experience as enjoyable and…

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A Crappy Side of Traveling

I have a theory that if you’re having a good time on your trip, the universe will do everything in its power to make coming home as crappy as possible. Sure, I was looking forward to going back to…

how to survive
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What You Need to Survive

Once upon a time, R&B lovers far and wide belted an anthem that hit home: I’m a survivor (what?) I’m not gon’ give up (what?) I’m not gon’ stop (what?) I’m gon’ work harder (what?)” While most of the…