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Germany Language Learning

How I’m Learning German

Last week I plugged in a hard drive and plunged deep into folders inside of folders inside of folders I didn’t know I had created. Surprisingly, what I found were not embarrassing photos of a scrawny teen in an…

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Italy Language Learning

Becoming Fluent in Italian in Sorrento

If I didn’t already love Italy, my week living and studying Italian in Sorrento definitely got me to the “sono inamorata” (translation: I’m in love) category. I had spent one week living and studying in Rome for both my soul,…

Cuba Language Learning

The Beauty of a Language School

One thing you probably know by now is that Damon and I are no newbies to studying languages. We’re both passionate about learning foreign languages so that things don’t seem so foreign while traveling to different countries. One of…

Language Learning

9 Things Polyglots Do

pol·y·glot ˈpälēˌɡlät/ noun a person who knows and is able to use several languages. Always help tourists You hear an accent, you see a map, and you recognize the face of anxiety that comes with trying to navigate in…