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All The Beautiful Photos We Took In Italy

It’s now been two weeks since our magical train trip on the Venice Simplon Orient Express through Europe (the fact that we can even write those words is still unbelievable) and we’re still not done talking about it. When…

Italy Life Stories

The Art of Dolce Far Niente

In America, you go your whole life shaming yourself when you’re “lazy,” then you go to Italy where dolce far niente is an accepted, practiced, and perfected art form. Italians sit with friends and family slowly sipping on tiny porcelain…

Italy Life Stories

From Rags to Riches (For a Day)

From wearing rags and scrubbing toilets to drinking fine wines from crystal goblets while wearing pearls – in this life, it’s all possible. It’s not like I’ve become a millionaire overnight, *cough* college loans *cough,* but the experience we…


Venice Photo Diary

Venice, Italy, I knew I loved you. You’re a city I have yet to experience elsewhere, and I find you, probably over any other place I have visited in the world, magical. You don’t have a car anywhere in…

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Italy Life Stories

Travel Despite the Struggle

It’s 2:45 AM, Italian chatter fills in blank spaces between the hip hop instrumentals playing in my headphones as I reflect on some travel struggle. I’m still on LA time, the nine-hour time difference has me jet-lagged like a mofrigger,…


Bad Travel Photos: Italy

It’s 2017 and everyone is striving for the best photo, but what happens when you have two non-professionals doing a job where you should know everything about a camera, angles, and lighting to capture the beautiful sights you see? You…

italian food porn

Italian Food Porn: Great Eats in Rome and Sorrento

We all know the rule: pack your stretch pants before you even step foot on Italian soil. The food is too good not to be indulged in. If you break this rule, be prepared to either rip your pants, *cue…

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Italy Language Learning

Becoming Fluent in Italian in Sorrento

If I didn’t already love Italy, my week living and studying Italian in Sorrento definitely got me to the “sono inamorata” (translation: I’m in love) category. I had spent one week living and studying in Rome for both my soul,…