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Calanques Cool

Should you find yourself in the South of France, particularly near Marseille, for any reason whatsoever, I know of the perfect thing for you to do…and it’s even free. While the famous Vieux Port, or MuCEM, or trendy Cours Julien…


30 Struggles of Living in Paris

 Your 15 minute transfer at Chatelet-Les Halles Avoid at all costs. Being 26 Sorry, you are officially “old” in Paris years. No more discounts. However, you can still try to fake it as a student. Seeing tourists struggle to get…


Cool Cafés in Paris For Chillin’ Out

At this point, after an academic year in Paris, followed by one 10-day trip, and two one-month trips afterward, I can now say…coffee shops like American coffee shops just aren’t a thing in Paris – despite me really trying to find them. You have Starbucks…


Finding La Campagne à Paris

The 20th arrondissement isn’t known to be, ahem, spectacularly beautiful, but one day I decided to take a quick stroll around a neighborhood I kept seeing from my tramway stop at Porte de Bagnolet. What I would see everyday…


Filter Coffee and La Petite Ceinture

In today’s adventure of finding filter coffee in Paris (an everyday occurrence at this point), I stumbled upon a coffee-shop/restaurant called La Recyclerie two minutes from the sketchy, yet still recommendable Marché aux Puces and right next door to…


4 Reasons Why I Love Marseille More Than Paris

Parisians, hold your (natural) dirty look s’il vous plaît, this girl jumped ship down to the South side where the sun actually shines. It’s true, I’m betraying you, but don’t hate me. Three years ago when I studied abroad…


French Food I Miss Most

Now that I’ve been away from Paris for three years, it’s starting to hit me how much I miss the city, the language, and these foods I used to eat every day. YOP Chocolat When I first moved to…


Places I’m Pissed I Never Went To in Paris

Tell me how I spent one year in Paris, and then even led an eleven-day French immersion trip and still totally missed these places? Whaaaat kind of travel blogger do I think I am? #Disappointed. So here, I present you…

champ de mars eiffel tower
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1 Minute Climb Up the Eiffel Tower

We filmed just enough to make you get off your a$$ and want to take the stairs up the Eiffel Tower yourself. At a first glance of the Eiffel Tower prices you’ll notice that taking the elevator can be a a threat…