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Bad Travel Photos: Marseille

If you look through any of our hard drives, you’ll find plenty of embarrassing photos that would make it nowhere close to any of our Instagram feeds. Zero. None. NONE. And these photos, although hilarious, are really just a…

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Locals of Paris: Camille

One day during a random YouTube binge session, I searched “Paris vloggers,” and I came across one of Camille’s videos of her lookbook in St. Tropez. It’s not like I’m a fashion dude, but I do love a nice film…


What I Do In A Random Day in Paris

What do you do in Paris once you’ve done the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysées, Louvre, and Notre Dame five hundred bajillion times? You see the rest of Paris – the rest of Paris that real Parisians see day to…

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Locals of Paris: Lisa

I’ve read Lisa’s blog for the longest – using it as my inspiration to keep on keeping’ on in Paris, where there’s an abundance of b*tchy boulangers, sassy servers, and cashiers who couldn’t give less f*cks. For some, the…


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