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Brazil Motivation

No, They’re Not Just Plants

2017 was the year I learned I was a plant person. This was something that happened quite suddenly and something that surprised me as well – this is coming from someone who owned fake IKEA plants for three years…

Brazil Life Stories Motivation

The Bullet in My Back

So now we can officially say that I have more street cred than the average Joe. This is not a joke, this is not a made up story. I was shot in the back in my own country, and…

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Brazil Motivation

Eat A Meal Alone

Let me start by saying I ate at the same place five times in one week. Five times. Three of those times at 11pm, so gimme a break here; My options were limited. Bibi is dat place in Rio…

Brazil Life Stories

Honey, I’m Home

How can you call a place home, if you’ve never really lived there? Great question, my first day back in Brazil in 2017 got me thinking about the phenomenon of belonging to a place, despite never really having grown…

Rio de Janeiro Beach
Brazil Life Stories

Alone in Rio

I’m lying here again in Ipanema Beach, where I’m testing out my first sunguinha, and using my oversized camo jacket as a towel (side note: how am I just now realizing I didn’t bring ONE towel to Brazil). I’m minding my…