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chiang mai vegetarian

(Almost) Becoming a Vegetarian in Chiang Mai

Remember that time I ate a horse in Slovenia? Well, this blog post is to make it up to all you great citizens of the world who are vegetarian or vegan. I won’t eat any more horses, promise. I’m…

Asia We Fly High

We Fly High to Asia with Sarah ✈️

In this month’s We Fly High feature, we get a sneak peak into the travel of Sarah, an 18 year old who’s globe-trotted in places we haven’t even been to! Come on, reading stories about people traveling and pushing their…

Kawagoe Travel Guide | Sweet Potato Ice Cream

Kickin’ It in Kawagoe

When you Google “Day Trips from Tokyo,” let me tell you what you’ll find so you don’t waste time: Nikko, Kamakura, and Kyoto. When I did that research, I was overwhelmed by the information overload, so I went to my…


Sunset in Shimokitazawa

You know there’s a lot to do in a city when it takes me until Day 10 to just start looking into thrift stores. My first few days in Tokyo were filled with the youzh – visiting the Shinjukus, the…

Asia Life Stories

Getting Naked in a Cheap Tokyo Onsen

When Westerners think of saunas, our minds don’t immediately jump to letting the goodies loose in front of others. I mean, does it for you? Maybe if you’ve been in Japan too long. Experiencing a Japanese onsen is one of…


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