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chiang mai vegetarian

(Almost) Becoming a Vegetarian in Chiang Mai

Remember that time I ate a horse in Slovenia? Well, this blog post is to make it up to all you great citizens of the world who are vegetarian or vegan. I won’t eat any more horses, promise. I’m…

Asia We Fly High

We Fly High to Asia with Sarah ✈️

In this month’s We Fly High feature, we get a sneak peak into the travel of Sarah, an 18 year old who’s globe-trotted in places we haven’t even been to! Come on, reading stories about people traveling and pushing their…

Kawagoe Travel Guide | Sweet Potato Ice Cream

Kickin’ It in Kawagoe

When you Google “Day Trips from Tokyo,” let me tell you what you’ll find so you don’t waste time: Nikko, Kamakura, and Kyoto. When I did that research, I was overwhelmed by the information overload, so I went to my…


Sunset in Shimokitazawa

You know there’s a lot to do in a city when it takes me until Day 10 to just start looking into thrift stores. My first few days in Tokyo were filled with the youzh – visiting the Shinjukus, the…

Asia Life Stories

Getting Naked in a Cheap Tokyo Onsen

When Westerners think of saunas, our minds don’t immediately jump to letting the goodies loose in front of others. I mean, does it for you? Maybe if you’ve been in Japan too long. Experiencing a Japanese onsen is one of…


Tokyo Up Close

When I get home from Tokyo and people ask me where they should go, for the first time in the history of my travels I will say, Honestly, anywhere. And it’ll be super vague and not at all informative.…


People of Tokyo

The people of Tokyo; man, they’re everywhere. Not just everyone, but everything is everywhere. The men become one in the blur of their black and suits, while the women wear beige. Boys on the metro giggle while showing each other their smartphones. Girls walk…

Kaisu Hostel Bar Café
Accommodation Asia

Keeping Up at Kaisu

There are many places in Tokyo to find some peace and quiet (believe it or not) and for me, that place is decidedly Kaisu Hostel. There’s warm lighting, chill indie music, and a view of an outdoor garden filled with…

I lost my passport at the airport, and now I'm sitting here in the Asylum room.
Asia Life Stories

That Time I Lost My Passport At The Airport

[Video: Here’s what to do when you lose your passport while in-transit] There’s a little place in the Beijing airport where you can register to use the AIRPORT-FREE-WIFI network. With an airport as modern as Beijing’s you’d think accessing…