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Jo on a boat in the middle of the Andaman Sea in Thailand | The Best Travel Tools of 2017
Accommodation Must-Haves

The Best Travel Tools for 2017

2016 was all fun and games, but we all know deep-down that 2017 is going to be everyone’s year to travel. For us, 2016 was the year our travel game went from JV to Varsity, or from intern to CEO.…

Do Urban House Copenhagen | Welcome Sign HSTL CPH
Accommodation Denmark

Do Urban House: Copenhagen

I grab my luggage and wheel it onto the train following behind the stylish, attractive Danes in front of me. I can tell already I will I like my three-day stay here. We pass a mixture of wide green…

Kaisu Hostel Bar Café
Accommodation Asia

Keeping Up at Kaisu

There are many places in Tokyo to find some peace and quiet (believe it or not) and for me, that place is decidedly Kaisu Hostel. There’s warm lighting, chill indie music, and a view of an outdoor garden filled with…

Accommodation Asia

Finding Comfort at ARTnSHELTER Tokyo

Tucked away in an inconspicuous neighborhood in South Central Tokyo are two girls – one German, one Japanese – chatting over some snacks on the bean bag chairs. They’ve just met, and I can tell, when the German girl…

Accommodation Hungary

The Maverick of All Things Budapest

Even for a New Yorker, Budapest in June can feel overwhelming. Imagine this: you’re carrying three heavy bags, and after five minutes of figuring out how to buy your metro card and get past the weird turnstile-less ticket validation…