Buying Flights without Breaking the Bank


I vividly remember being 14 and wanting to be that independent power woman who was glued to a carry-on suitcase shifting from one airport to the next.

Then I distinctly remember being 16 and realizing that I would have to save money to buy plane tickets. I felt like any flight I took would cost me an entire lifetime of saving.

At 16 I got a job at a local pharmacy, a retail store, and at a chiropractic center to start saving money. A few years later and I was already 18 and living in NYC for Freshman year of college. Despite juggling three jobs for two years, my dorm decor got the best of me, and by Fall of 2010 I was broke again.

That dream of traveling never left my mind, it just seemed harder to get to with like $2 in my bank account and all. I decided to get a work-study job after my classes to make some income for the travel fund.

Within a few months, I had saved a whopping $300; I should’ve seriously laid off those damn iced Mochas. What could I even get for a measly $300… in my mind that would only get me to Philly.

But then I decided to do some research and BAM, there it was, the secret to how I would be able to finally afford all of my plane tickets as a broke college student.


Click here to watch how we book cheap flights errwhere.

Five years later and it’s been a combination of the hustle with tons of odd jobs, and the same exact website where it all started. Skyscanner changed our travel game five years ago, and is still the same tool we use to book our flights. After a direct message to their CEO about how much we loved using their site, we were able to work with a company we actually believe in and share the cheap flight goodness. So enjoy ;)!

Comment below the cheapest flight you found from your home airport!

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  • ericavain

    Dopeness!!! Gotta check them out.. my go to cheap flight site ain’t coming thru like it use to!!!! Come thruuuuuu skyscanner!!! Thanks y’all..

  • neff

    This website has saved my life you guys. It is the most convenient and practical website for buying flights. I’ve gotten flights to Denver for $40 San Francisco for $100 I’m flying to Paris for $300 all from Houston. That shit is unheard of. The trick is if you are flying somewhere far and expensive like Paris, search for the cheapest flights to your destination from anywhere in your country or places that are cheap to fly to from your country and just make your own connections. The cheapest flights to Paris from the US are in Boston around $240 and a flight from Houston to Boston is around $70 on SkyScanner. I am set. What is a full time job? What is staying in one place? This is my shit guys thank you.

    • 🙂 Oh nef, thanks for commenting! So happy that you liked the tip!

  • Gustavo Delgado

    R$ 140 round trip to Rio. Currently, it means US$ 36