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Bad Travel Photos: Spain & Portugal

Maybe you feel good, looking at our countless bad travel photos. They’re the definition of the word fail. They’re the photos we’ll look back at when we’re 57 and say, what were we thinking? Yet, still be nostalgic toward that time. When they’re the only photos we’ve got, we’ve got no choice?

I think back to that time, in 2015, in Lisbon, Madrid, and Barcelona, and I can just see us struggling. Struggling to make travel vlogging and travel blogging our job. Struggling to carry around a backpack for three months. Struggling to use a camera on Manual mode. Huge emphasis on that last one. Here’s round two of some bad travel photos on the road. Photographers, inquire within.

The time Jo tried so hard to open her eyes

Blurry photos are our aesthetic…cuz they have to be

10/10, Damon and Jo, 10/10

Not impressed

I am a stalker

Angles never seen before on Instagram

This one’s not even bad?

One delicious paella. Paella, not spaghetti.

What we look like when we try to be Instagram stars

A life could not be more glamorous

Yes that’s Jo in the reflection of a spoon

Because we grew up when MySpace was popular. Shout out to our Top 8.

Can someone help us out with some hair conditioner, please?

You had to pay for bed sheets at this hostel, so I slept in my Gucci instead

Which was your favorite bad travel photo from Spain and Portugal?

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  • Whahahahaha, hilarious! My favorite is the one where you both have coffee and Jo is making weird faces 😉 X

  • Nataliia

    Omg, I love you guys <3 because of you I started to learn more and more languages and travel more and more! I hope you'll come to slovakia so I can hug you both and show you our beautiful nature and historical monuments<3

  • uhh Jo in the spoon no doubt is my fave! It’s like those “when u see it…” posts haha

  • i love you guys so much