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Joanna Franco


Inside My $1000 Los Angeles Studio

Every traveler faces the inevitable question that will plague them as long as their journey globe trotting continues: should I finally settle down? For most, the question remains hidden in the shadows of their next planned trip, or gets…


Black Friday Flights for $100 or Less

If you’re cheap like us, Black Friday is basically your favorite national holiday. Cyber Monday coming in a close second place. And it’s not just for the retail fanatics who line up outside of their favorite brick and mortar…


Ultimate Travel Gift Guide 2017

‘Tis the season to find actually good things to buy for your most likely minimal travel friends, siblings, significant others, or kids. As someone who’s constantly telling people that the only thing I like to receive are experiences, I’ve…


First Impressions of Marrakech By a Sweaty Traveler

Damn, the thickness in the air is definitely enough to make this long sleeve tee-shirt stick to my sweaty back. I walk down the steps from the plane, onto the Tarmac, feeling less than official. You usually imagine what…

Iceland Life Stories

The Last Day Curse

If you’re a realist, you’ll agree with me when I say there’s an ominous fear that comes from things going too well in your life. Sure, you’re happy. You got a new opportunity at work, you just reached six…

We Fly High

We Fly High with Cemberli ✈️

Jo here, in Londontown, writing to you from an uncomfortable seat in the corner of a coffee shop, converted into a wine bar at night. Since it’s past 7PM, it’s officially wine and write time, because yes, that is…

Language Learning

French: From Failing to Fluent

It was a random Parisian afternoon. The streets in the 11ème were particularly quiet because it happened to be the first Sunday of the month where no cars are allowed on the streets until the late afternoon. I took…

coloring life lessons

3 Lessons I Learned From Coloring as a Kid

Before there were 12 options for coloring books ranging from cute elephants to soul opening chakras at every hipster store you walk into, I would sit with my 64 pack of Crayola crayons (sharpener on the back of the…

We Fly High

We Fly High with RaeJeana ✈️

Welcome back to We Fly High, the blog series where we share your stories, since we’re not the only interesting ones up in here. Since we can only speak about our two perspectives, we thought maybe one of these features…