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Explore D.C. Like a Local

Alex, our couchsurfing host, hooks us up with a free ride, and a tour of DC the way locals do DC. Oh, and count how many times Jo says the word “bacon” in this video.   [BigMailChimp list=1]  …

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WTF is the Capitol Building?

We took a spontaneous trip to D.C. where we were homeless for a bit, couchsurfed on a stranger’s couch, and finally, we got a little history lesson fo’ free at the Capitol Building. Oh, and Jo was stopped at…

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Couchsurfing in Washington D.C.

We were camped out at a Panera Bread in D.C. until a stranger told us we could sleep on his couch. So we did and filmed it.     [BigMailChimp list=1] Photo Credits:…


What We Were Like in High School

Since most YouTubers are high schoolers, we decided we’d play a little trivia game on our high school lives. Subscribe, share, comment, and like!   [BigMailChimp list=1]…


Homeless in D.C.

Watch the episode where we book an $8 bus ticket to arrive in D.C. –   One [BigMailChimp list=1]…


How We Got to DC for $8

When we found a $8 roundtrip ticket from New York City to Washington DC, we knew it’d be dumb to NOT go. Watch how ugly we look in the morning and learn how you can land such an awesome…