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18 Hours in Napa Valley

In our quickest trip yet, we flew to Napa Valley on four hour’s notice, arrived at 10pm, drove two hours to Napa Valley, woke up, edited a Portuguese video, attended The Grateful Table for a few glasses of wine in…

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Inside My $1100 Los Angeles Studio

When you ask what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks, I could respond in a few ways. I tried watching Stranger Things but was too much of a wimp to get past the first few jumps. I…


Inside Our $32/Night Moroccan Paradise

Sometimes the clock will strike 9pm and we “accidentally” flip to E! to check if the Kardashians are on. It’s a guilty pleasure, but one that we don’t even feel guilty for watching. The white sheets weigh heavy, and…


Things No One Tells You About Iceland

For the past year of my travels, I’ve consistently heard that Iceland is the country to see. The travel magazine I’m subscribed to insists that now is the time to visit Iceland, and the like-minded travel friends I’ve made over the…

A Paris All Your Own
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The Stupid Little Things About Paris

There’s no other city that gets me in the heart like Paris. Not that Paris gets me – it’s probably one of the last cities that gets me. I clash daily with servers and store clerks, I ask myself…

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Layin’ Low in Laguna Beach

I think it was your average Wednesday afternoon when Jo and I decided it was time to take a weekend trip down to Laguna Beach, a city we’d never been to but had heard about for the past ten…