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Things No One Tells You About Iceland

For the past year of my travels, I’ve consistently heard that Iceland is the country to see. The travel magazine I’m subscribed to insists that now is the time to visit Iceland, and the like-minded travel friends I’ve made over the…

A Paris All Your Own
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The Stupid Little Things About Paris

There’s no other city that gets me in the heart like Paris. Not that Paris gets me – it’s probably one of the last cities that gets me. I clash daily with servers and store clerks, I ask myself…

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Layin’ Low in Laguna Beach

I think it was your average Wednesday afternoon when Jo and I decided it was time to take a weekend trip down to Laguna Beach, a city we’d never been to but had heard about for the past ten…

Ommwriter App for Writing | Best Minimalist Plug-ins Extensions Apps Add-ons
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7 Minimalist Laptop Extensions You Need

You’ve been on your laptop for what, like an hour now? Two? Ten minutes? The point is: we all spend so much time on our laptops and iPhones that we might as well make the experience as enjoyable and…


25 Photos From My iPhone: Portugal

Ask me again why we have a Canon Rebel T5i, Canon G7X, Canon G7X Mark II, and use none of them for photography? While you’re at it, ask me why the 99% of the photos we take with our iPhones…

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Why It’s Time To Stop Playing Hard to Get

So much of life is a game of puffing feathers, tickling egos, and trying to look like more than we all are. But you don’t have to play that game. This concept of playing hard to get is something…


Making The Stories You Want To Happen Happen

New York – better than sex. Those are the first words of this New York City guidebook I’m reading. Not that I need a guidebook after having lived in New York for five years and visiting multiple times even…

hôtel amour brunch - paris pigalle

The Grass Is Always Greener

Two weeks ago, I was in Café Folks and Sparrows in Paris and I overheard a woman in her late 20s (and her dog) as she was making conversation with the cashier. The first sign she wasn’t French. I just…