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Here you are reading our blog. Thank you, by the way. Have you realized that this moment…this is your life. Maybe you feel like you’ve been zombie-ing your way through life thus far, having many hopes and dreams, but never really getting to any of them. This blog is here to help with that. Look, life is happening now. Yeah, time and money are huge setbacks, but when you’re 80 years old, what will matter most is the not the latest iPhone you bought, how much you’d stacked your résumé, or how many followers you had on Twitter; what will really matter is the $100 you spent on a trip to Montréal as a young’n and became best friends with the twerking hobo on the train.

Somehow you’ve made it to our blog, and to us, at least, that means something. What we aspire to do here on our blog and YouTube is to inspire you to get out, and do something – whether it’s taking a new bikram yoga class cuz you’ve never done it before, or taking off with a heavy a$$ backpack around Asia  – like, it doesn’t matter. This is your life, remember? It’s time to stop fronting and take control.

Now shut up and go.


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