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Here you are reading our blog. Thank you, by the way. Have you realized that this moment…this is your life. Maybe you feel like you’ve been zombie-ing your way through life thus far, having many hopes and dreams, but never really getting to any of them. This blog is here to help with that. Look, life is happening now. Yeah, time and money are huge setbacks, but when you’re 80 years old, what will matter most is the not the latest iPhone you bought, how much you’d stacked your résumé, or how many followers you had on Twitter; what will really matter is the $100 you spent on a trip to Montréal as a young’n and became best friends with the twerking hobo on the train.

Somehow you’ve made it to our blog, and to us, at least, that means something. What we aspire to do here on our blog and YouTube is to inspire you to get out, and do something – whether it’s taking a new bikram yoga class cuz you’ve never done it before, or taking off with a heavy a$$ backpack around Asia  – like, it doesn’t matter. This is your life, remember? It’s time to stop fronting and take control.

Now shut up and go.


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  • Jazmyn Snapp

    omg may i just travel around the world with you guys omg <3 !!

  • Daniel Price

    if only i was your age

  • ciara

    Love you guys & I’m so excited to see where Shut up & GO/Damon & Jo goes from here.

  • Kasandra

    You guys are literally so inspirational I hope to be like you guys. Please never change. I love you guys so much!

  • Diana Salinas

    Your blog, out of all the ones that I’ve come across with, is the best. Seriously. Big kisses from Mexico.

    • Thank you! We spend just as much on time on here as we do on our YouTube channel! Happy you’re reading!

  • Hela Roberta

    Damon e Jo! Amei descobrir o canal de vocês!
    Cara, eu tô no Rio e quero muito vocês aqui! <3

  • Adsson Cesário


  • .A.

    I’ve been binge-reading your blog for a couple of days now, and I’m in love. I’ve only been to three foreign countries, and I only speak three languages, but I’m working on India/Hindi, and I’m going this year whether I’m ready or not! You guys are inspiring!

  • shane ellington

    The most inspiring blog on the net, to the point I’ve re-introduced myself back into speaking French and Italian. Its time to just, well, Shut Up and Go.. Ciao..

    • Awesome! Yes, get back into it! It’s one thing to speak English, but it’s another to be able to talk to someone in THEIR language! You got this. Another way to practice both languages at the same time is to study one in another language (although you should be somewhat advanced before you tacklet that)!

  • dila beyazgün

    You spontaneous peopleee are the best!I think you inspire a lot of people like me ❤️

  • Terry Morris

    ummmmm, so like i really want to travel and meet new people. but none of my friends are really about that life. soooo in august, who would like to travel with me from Virginia to “god knows where”. but i’m going with or without companions (cause i’m a strong black woman who don’t need no man, i got two jobs!) time to shut and go. see what i did there. ; )

    • Teresa jackson

      Hey what part of Virginia are you from?

  • Sofia Eva Hamilton Sambrano

    I’ve been searching for travel bloggers as fun and genuine as you two to help motivate me to do the same! Here’s to hoping I pull it off half as well as you guys did…

  • Alland Beward Jerome

    i started traveling 5 yrs ago ,went to the Bahamas ,since then i ve been hooked..this year alone i have been to germany and spain and looking forward to go to cuba this coming november. traveling gives me that sense of freedom and “self” that i always wanted to have. reading your blog and watching your fun filed videos really make me wanna push more to travel, so i thank you for that!!!

  • Kamila Lopes

    You’re so beautiful guys!! You show that is possible to travel without much money. You inspire me a lot and I know one day I will be like you. :)))

  • Peg T

    Wow, this is amazing and you are right the best time of our life is now and we should make the best of it 🙂

  • Carolina Silveira

    I was doing research for my next trip and found your youtube channel. I was obsessed with your videos and now I am in love with your blog. Congrats on being so inspiring and genuine!
    Kisses from Brazil!

  • Amazing! Your youtube is fun!

  • You guys are AWE-INSPIRING! x

  • Karla Sintigo

    Hey. I found you guys by accident because I recently decided I want to learn ALL the languages I can, starting with the Romance languages. I related to you guys so much, because like Jo I am a super Americanized immigrant, except I am from El Salvador. I already speak Spanish and I need to get started on these others fast! I loved your videos on French, especially because you teach the language in the way people actually speak it! Thank you so much and keep being you and posting about your adventures!!

  • Carina Tobrand

    I love this! I’ve been considering brushing up my french and applying for a year abroad in Lyon via Erasmus. The only thing though – I doubt myself too much. Will I be able to learn enough in time to actually feel comfortable living and studying there? Will I make friends? Do I really want to leave my uni, my best friends and everything else I’m used to? But just seeing you guys not second-guessing yourselves and just going, it really inspires me. Love you two and your youtube channel! Keep up what you’re doing <3

    • Alice Morin

      hey! im just randomly scrolling through this comment section and i found this… im from lyon and its a great city! its a reasonable size with still tons to do and its is honnestly a great place to live! i think you should do it, challenge yourself and you probably wont regret it!

  • Realize

    thats my dream, one day i will meet you guys ,love u <3

  • tayssirt

    hi guys i am from paris , and every time i watch one of your video you make me want to travel more , so i was wondering if i can join your travel team, “Damon jo and tayssir” it’s sound cool for a youtube channel name 😉


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