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December 2017

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Everything We Know About Cheap Travel

We tell you to shut up and go, but we’ve held out on telling you something very important. How how we’ve shut up and went for five plus years with minimal resources. As a gift to you, we’re putting…

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Five Things To Keep Your Sanity

It’s been a pretty stressful year, amiright? Between Donald Trump’s ridiculous tweets, Apples new update, the Equifax Breach, North Korea, men in the limelight being scumbags in the limelight, and whatever else you have going on in your life,…


18 Hours in Napa Valley

In our quickest trip yet, we flew to Napa Valley on four hour’s notice, arrived at 10pm, drove two hours to Napa Valley, woke up, edited a Portuguese video, attended The Grateful Table for a few glasses of wine in…


Inside My $1000 Los Angeles Studio

Every traveler faces the inevitable question that will plague them as long as their journey globe trotting continues: should I finally settle down? For most, the question remains hidden in the shadows of their next planned trip, or gets…