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November 2017

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Inside My $1100 Los Angeles Studio

When you ask what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks, I could respond in a few ways. I tried watching Stranger Things but was too much of a wimp to get past the first few jumps. I…


Black Friday Flights for $100 or Less

If you’re cheap like us, Black Friday is basically your favorite national holiday. Cyber Monday coming in a close second place. And it’s not just for the retail fanatics who line up outside of their favorite brick and mortar…


Ultimate Travel Gift Guide 2017

‘Tis the season to find actually good things to buy for your most likely minimal travel friends, siblings, significant others, or kids. As someone who’s constantly telling people that the only thing I like to receive are experiences, I’ve…


Inside Our $32/Night Moroccan Paradise

Sometimes the clock will strike 9pm and we “accidentally” flip to E! to check if the Kardashians are on. It’s a guilty pleasure, but one that we don’t even feel guilty for watching. The white sheets weigh heavy, and…


First Impressions of Marrakech By a Sweaty Traveler

Damn, the thickness in the air is definitely enough to make this long sleeve tee-shirt stick to my sweaty back. I walk down the steps from the plane, onto the Tarmac, feeling less than official. You usually imagine what…