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September 2017

coloring life lessons

3 Lessons I Learned From Coloring as a Kid

Before there were 12 options for coloring books ranging from cute elephants to soul opening chakras at every hipster store you walk into, I would sit with my 64 pack of Crayola crayons (sharpener on the back of the…


In Love With These Streets

I love living in Southern California for the street names alone. Just imagine a GPS telling you to turn right on: Sunset Boulevard, La Cienega Boulevard, La Brea, Avenue of the Stars, or Silver Lake Boulevard. You might be…

We Fly High

We Fly High with RaeJeana ✈️

Welcome back to We Fly High, the blog series where we share your stories, since we’re not the only interesting ones up in here. Since we can only speak about our two perspectives, we thought maybe one of these features…

Travel Guides USA

Layin’ Low in Laguna Beach

I think it was your average Wednesday afternoon when Jo and I decided it was time to take a weekend trip down to Laguna Beach, a city we’d never been to but had heard about for the past ten…