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December 2016


15+ Struggles of Living in Barcelona

Ahh, the common struggles of daily life. Just when you thought the “grass was always greener” let me stop you there; Barcelona doesn’t even have grass. We all know it’s, without a doubt, a magical city – you’ve got tapas…

2016 Travel Wish List, Revisited | San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge
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2016 Travel Wish List, Revisited

On January 10th, 2016, I wrote a post called 2016 Travel Wish List, where I highlighted the places I most wanted to visit in 2016. I purposely named it Wish List, so as to not feel extremely guilty if…

Motivation We Fly High

We Fly High with Matthew

Jo here, writing to you from my informal workspace during the holidays, my childhood bedroom. In this month’s We Fly High feature, we talk to an extremely charismatic medical school student who somehow still found time to travel and…

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Trying to Find the Christmas Spirit in New York City

If you’ve watched any Christmas movie ever released, you’ve probably seen yellow cabs in the backdrop and people wearing fluffy earmuffs bundled up in warm coats, all shuffling through busy crosswalks while holding cups of coffee. The setting of these…

Barcelona's Arc de Triomf

Your Barcelona Bucket List

Barcelona and I go way back. Back further than any other foreign city. From my travel beginnings on Carrer de Varsóvia, studying Spanish at the age of 16 with a Spanish family, to Jo and I making our first Shut…

new orleans architecture
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High Risk, High Reward

About four years ago, I was sitting in our unofficial office space, the café area of Whole Foods Tribeca, and decided that I would go big for Mother’s day. I planned on using my measly credit card points (saved…

missed flight to thailand
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I Missed My Flight To Thailand

In the wise words of  Buddha, “It is better to travel well than to arrive.” Lucky for me, all I did was travel, because I missed my flight to Thailand which made it impossible for me to arrive. At…