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November 2016

Thai Lemon Iced Tea in Phuket
Life Stories Thailand

Freaking Out in Phuket

My first few hours in Phuket were unexpectedly filled with a lot of adventure. My taxi driver had no clue where my AirBNB was, so I guided him street-by-street with my GPS. I don’t blame him though; I have yet to see one street…

cyber monday shopping
Favorites Must-Haves

87 Travel Items Worth Buying on Cyber Monday

Nothing makes me break out in hives more than clingy people, and cats and dogs, waiting in a checkout line inside a crowded retail store while sweat dribbles down my face. ‘Tis the season to be dressed in five hundred layers of clothing;…

Cafezinho and Pastel de nata - a typical Portuguese breakfast

8AM in Alfama

The clock strikes. It’s 8AM in Alfama. Alfama is that neighborhood in Lisbon you can spend hours and hours going from little cobblestone alley to little cobblestone alley. It’s that village life where each and every turn in the labyrinth will…

sorrento italy views
Italy Language Learning

Becoming Fluent in Italian in Sorrento

If I didn’t already love Italy, my week living and studying Italian in Sorrento definitely got me to the “sono inamorata” (translation: I’m in love) category. I had spent one week living and studying in Rome for both my soul,…

living with two bags

You’re Not Going To Miss It

I recently made the decision that for my trip to Thailand, I was going to get rid of my (cracked) suitcase, and travel with just two bags. My suitcase has done me well for the past ten months, but…

sky garden in london
England Travel Guides

9 Places to Love About London

I once took an eight hour bus ride where I had to withstand a crying baby for the entirety of the trip from Paris, to London. After surviving a pretty painful bus ride, I spent four short days exploring…