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October 2016

England Life Stories

Jazz, Amy Winehouse, and London

It’s become a routine of mine, to take myself out on Jazz dates while I travel. Why? Because Jazz music needs no translation. It’s a feeling, and for me, always a positive and warm one. Music is that constant…

Minimalism Motivation

Leaving Los Angeles 👋

Look at how cute my room was in Los Angeles. So cozy, so delicately decorated; yes, with Ikea’s cheapest items, but still carefully selected and hand built to create my humble abode for a full year. It was the…

A view of a tiny alleyway and the apartments above it.

Porto Photo Diary

It was a wet seven days I spent in Porto. It would have been perfect if I felt like Portugal was a place it should be gray, raining, and very depressing-looking while I’m visiting, but to me, Portuguese towns should…

Life Stories Minimalism Motivation USA

LA Memoir

It’s been three weeks that I’ve tried writing this post, and also three weeks since I’ve moved from LA. It’s not because I’m sad, because I’m everything but sad; it’s moreso that I don’t know what to write. I moved. I move…

France Locals of

Locals of Paris: Camille

One day during a random YouTube binge session, I searched “Paris vloggers,” and I came across one of Camille’s videos of her lookbook in St. Tropez. It’s not like I’m a fashion dude, but I do love a nice film…


Favorites from September 2016 | Jo

After a hot shower in my Roman apartment alongside fellow international peeps, I decided it was time to sit down and write this favorites blog about things I loved in September, mid October. To my defense, I’m sick as…

Asia We Fly High

We Fly High to Asia with Sarah ✈️

In this month’s We Fly High feature, we get a sneak peak into the travel of Sarah, an 18 year old who’s globe-trotted in places we haven’t even been to! Come on, reading stories about people traveling and pushing their…