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August 2016


What I Do In A Random Day in Paris

What do you do in Paris once you’ve done the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysées, Louvre, and Notre Dame five hundred bajillion times? You see the rest of Paris – the rest of Paris that real Parisians see day to…

We Fly High

✈️ We Fly High to France with Addie

Last month, we launched a series on our blog called “We Fly High,” where we interview you, our readers, on your latest, or upcoming adventures to celebrate the fact that we’re not the only ones shutting up and going!…


Favorites from August 2016 | Jo

Brace yourself for the randomness of my favorite items for August; things have been interesting lately. We’ve just finished a four episode series for MTV, woo! The filming process included lots of traveling and looking pretty on-camera despite the…

Life Stories Motivation

Is It Me, or is Change in the Air?

Throughout my preteens, I used to look forward to the end of Summer. I mostly loved feeling the crisp on-coming Fall air, and looked forward to watching cliff-hanging TV series previews for new seasons to come. Like the nerd…