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July 2016


Americans in Cuba: Everything You Need to Know

Cuba has been on my “must see before I die” list for about ten years now. Something about the impossibility of it made it more appealing to me. I wanted to experience a country that wasn’t dominated by consumerism,…

The view from San Diego's Point Loma Tide Pools
Motivation USA

Where You Should Really Be

I’m slapping away at my keyboard from the corner of Café Bassam in San Diego – a random coffee shop I found on Yelp after searching these (such specific) words: “coffee shop open late wifi plugs laptop” – and not…

We Fly High

We Fly High with Tammy

Things are getting pretty legit here at; we’re excited to have you along our journey to grow a full-blown travel company that all started from our burning desire to fly all over the world as broke 20somethings. Last month, we…

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24 Realities About Being 24

This Friday, I turned 24; what some might like to call one of the blandest ages to be. I see it as a beautiful time in your life where you’re finally an adult and there’s no denying it. This…