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June 2016

Rio de Janeiro Beach
Brazil Life Stories

Alone in Rio

I’m lying here again in Ipanema Beach, where I’m testing out my first sunguinha, and using my oversized camo jacket as a towel (side note: how am I just now realizing I didn’t bring ONE towel to Brazil). I’m minding my…

Cuba Language Learning

The Beauty of a Language School

One thing you probably know by now is that Damon and I are no newbies to studying languages. We’re both passionate about learning foreign languages so that things don’t seem so foreign while traveling to different countries. One of…

France Locals of

Locals of Paris: Lisa

I’ve read Lisa’s blog for the longest – using it as my inspiration to keep on keeping’ on in Paris, where there’s an abundance of b*tchy boulangers, sassy servers, and cashiers who couldn’t give less f*cks. For some, the…