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May 2016


Favorites From May 2016| Jo

Being disconnected from the outside world while in Cuba for a month really got me thinking about what I love, and what makes me smile while surviving another 24 hours filled with culture shock. I have to say that…

Cuba Life Stories

Hello Havana

Hello Havana, I walk through your poorly paved streets licking a cold ice cream cone that cost me three pesos, equivalent to 10 cents in USD, and I worry that I might have to pay for it later in…


Paris Sous La Pluie

I know it was super cheesy, but I have to admit that yesterday while walking around Paris (and struggling to take all the following pictures while holding an umbrella), I also couldn’t help but hum to myself, “Au soleil, sous la…

Kawagoe Travel Guide | Sweet Potato Ice Cream

Kickin’ It in Kawagoe

When you Google “Day Trips from Tokyo,” let me tell you what you’ll find so you don’t waste time: Nikko, Kamakura, and Kyoto. When I did that research, I was overwhelmed by the information overload, so I went to my…


Sunset in Shimokitazawa

You know there’s a lot to do in a city when it takes me until Day 10 to just start looking into thrift stores. My first few days in Tokyo were filled with the youzh – visiting the Shinjukus, the…

Asia Life Stories

Getting Naked in a Cheap Tokyo Onsen

When Westerners think of saunas, our minds don’t immediately jump to letting the goodies loose in front of others. I mean, does it for you? Maybe if you’ve been in Japan too long. Experiencing a Japanese onsen is one of…

Do Urban House Copenhagen | Welcome Sign HSTL CPH
Accommodation Denmark

Do Urban House: Copenhagen

I grab my luggage and wheel it onto the train following behind the stylish, attractive Danes in front of me. I can tell already I will I like my three-day stay here. We pass a mixture of wide green…

Damon and Jo | Shut Up Swag | Merchandise


There comes a time in every YouTuber’s career when the pressure to release merchandise, or in super cool social media generation terms “merch,” just becomes too great. Totally kidding; I mean it took us five years to finally design something…


Tokyo Up Close

When I get home from Tokyo and people ask me where they should go, for the first time in the history of my travels I will say, Honestly, anywhere. And it’ll be super vague and not at all informative.…