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March 2016


40+ Struggles of Living in NYC

Living in New York makes you wonder why you live in New York. It’s loud and dirty, rude and congested, yet “there’s an undeniable energy that makes it all worth it” – as any New York City blog would say. Hmm,…

Minimalism Must-Haves

6 Multi-Purpose Items to Pack for Any Trip

Travelers are always looking for the lightest, and most efficient way to pack; ain’t nobody trying to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame because of heavy bags and poor packing. While most people dream of packing light, there’s…

Mexico Motivation

The Colors of México

I feel like a lot of times when a person visits a city, or actually even when you live in a city, you see the city for what it is but pretty much epicly fail at noticing the details…

Motivation Must-Haves

You Know You’re a Traveler When…

When I was a youngin’ I would daydream a scene of myself running around airport corridors while I moved from one gate to the next, jetting my way through life. Fast forward, and that daydream became a reality, only…


The Make or Break of Your Life

A few days ago, I was sitting in Caffé Medici in Austin, americano in hand, and I decided to check in on my girl Lilly Singh (Superwoman on YouTube). She’s got 8 million subscribers, and rightfully so. She’s one…


You’re Afraid of Flying? Me too.

Let’s get real right now, most people are not exactly THRILLED at the thought of losing all control and letting their lives be in the hands of a stranger who will pilot a massive vehicle through the air. Might…

Minimalism Motivation

How to Save a Crapload of Money For Travel

Here’s a truth: traveling cheaply still requires money. Some people see that we’re young twenty-somethings who travel all over the world and immediately jump to the conclusion that we do it on our parents’ dime. Au contraire, y’all. It’s a…