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February 2016

Motivation Must-Haves

The Disposable Camera Effect

Maybe you’ve heard us spiel on and on about how much we love disposable cameras. If not, here we go again. Let’s face it, if you’re around us long enough, chances are we’ll whip out an old-fashioned, wind-up, 27-shot disposable…

Locals of USA

Locals of Los Angeles: Karina

One afternoon while exploring a new corner of Downtown, I stopped into Starbucks to get my tall Americano (the cheaper version of a latte). You know, the typical routine, except that this time I ran into someone who had…

Mexico Travel Guides

Crossing the Border into Mexico

As an immigrant, I have a less than happy-go-lucky relationship with borders, immigration officers, and customs, but as a traveling blogger and YouTuber, I felt it was my duty to swallow my anxiety and cross over to Mexico by foot.…


Overcast in Castro

I’ll keep it real with you. When I first thought of this title, I, too, was like “yeah, alright you still got it, Damon.” Not sure if you’ve noticed, but naming blogs tends to be the hardest part of drafting…