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January 2016

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Why Temescal Canyon Kicks Runyon’s Ass

When we first moved to LA, all of the locals, whether by birth or adoption, would gush about this marvelous “Runyon Canyon” and how we NEEDED to hike there to finally feel like we had done the best hike…


Sunday at Sutro

It wasn’t until I pulled out my handy-dandy 2014 guidebook that I discovered Sutro Baths was a thing. I then took to Twitter to ask what I should do in for my three-day stint in SF and again, I…


An Unexpected Trip to The Hollywood Reservoir

“Jo, does this look familiar?” I ask. “Yep, just keep going straight” she responds, as we trek higher and higher into the steep, winding streets of the Hollywood Hills. Now this wasn’t our first rodeo up to the Hollywood…

Travel Guides USA

Snapping Away San Diego

If you’ve ever watched our Snapchat (@damonandjo), you might have noticed that I’m not exactly the MVP of the snap-o-sphere. I, Joanna Franco, admit that I was originally anti-Snapchat because 1. it’s ANOTHER social media platform to keep updating…


2016 Travel Wish List

The thing with traveling is that the more you travel, the more you want to travel. It’s truly an insatiable thirst – both a blessing and a curse. You’ll be out taking the typical coming-of-age backpacking through Western Europe trip, having the time…


11 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

Lose 10 pounds! Stop drinking! Quit smoking! How cliché, and let’s be real, unsuccessful. If you want to get in on the New Year’s Resolution buzz, but also want something attainable, here are 11 realistic New Year’s Resolutions for…