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December 2015

Minimalism Motivation

The “Happiness Holiday”

The holidays have started to fade into the haze of “in 2016 I’m going to…” and “this year is going to bring…” and other “promising” New Year resolutions, and while everyone looks forward into the next 12 months that…

Life Stories

Hoosier Holiday

The holiday parties are over, the family has been seen, and I’ve watched about every Christmas movie on Netflix. In other words, I’m back home in Indiana. It’s been six months since the last time I was here, and although…


Seeing La Vie En Rose

“What is the world coming to?” “I’m just scared for future generations.” – things I, and probably you, hear daily. Especially if you just got back to Indiana and are sitting in any given coffee shop at any given…

Language Learning

9 Things Polyglots Do

pol·y·glot ˈpälēˌɡlät/ noun a person who knows and is able to use several languages. Always help tourists You hear an accent, you see a map, and you recognize the face of anxiety that comes with trying to navigate in…


Hiking Hollywood

Yesterday, I had this realization that the reason I love Los Angeles is because it’s a big city filled with nature. Ok, highways and shopping malls aside, you have a beach, mountains, a downtown, and suburbs. It’s, by definition, the…

Life Stories Motivation

Creating Confidence

I recently received a message on Facebook from a woman who had watched me speak publicly about how to start your own digital company as a 20something. After watching me speak, she asked how she could grow her confidence to speak…