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November 2015


Gifts Under $15 for any Travel Diva

Travel Diva /ˈtravəl dēvə/ noun a person who travels often, and when they travel they pull off looking fabulous, well rested, and refreshed despite being the exact opposite. someone who looks and acts particularly fierce while traveling The key to…


14+ Awesome, Cheap Gifts For Travelers

The best part about buying gifts for travelers? They don’t need much. The worst part about buying gifts for travelers? They don’t need much. If you’re stuck/blessed with the opportunity to buy a gift for your best friend, bae, or anyone who’s obsessed…


One Life Lesson My Chipotle Bag Taught Me

It all started with some hunger and a Chipotle nearby. The one at 7th and Flower. The only one in Downtown Los Angeles. The only thing I wanted at the moment too, which doesn’t happen often. There must have…

Life Stories Motivation

Advice to the 13 Year Old Me

Most people write letters to their future selves to keep track of goals they want to accomplish, or to laugh about how pathetic their tiny worries were in that moment, or just to feel as though they have a…


What To Do In Los Angeles Aside From Hollywood

When our best friend Dominique arrived from New York for the first time ever in LA, we knew we had to show her the ropes of LA, and most importantly, try to convince her to move here, duh. She arrived,…

Life Stories Motivation USA

My “Me Date” in Miami

Picture this: a giant pineapple, some live Jazz music, Salsa dancing, and a couple of Europeans; Alex from Spain and Anna from Sweden. I was out sipping an incredibly overpriced Mojito, (if I paid $15 for one damn drink, you…



Miami. Honestly, it was never a city that screamed to me. Never a city I felt like I must visit before I die. Never a city I heard that much about. Yet guess who just got back from a four-day work…


Everything I Ate in Hungary

Traveling to a country named Hungary, I figured I would be faced with a lot of greasy, fatty food. And I was.. What was surprising, though, was that in a world of beef gulyás and heavy pörkölt, I actually found it very…

Life Stories

Neither Here, Nor There

There’s an expression in Spanish that I once heard: “Soy ni de aquí, ni de allá,” meaning “I’m from neither here, nor there.” Welcome to the life of almost any immigrant child living a dual life in The States. Despite…


Using Kim Kardashian to Learn About Your Own Life

I’m scrolling down Facebook and I’m annoyed. Annoyed at what people are posting and annoyed that I’m still “friends” with these people on Facebook. For the past few months, we’ve all noticed the Trending News widget Facebook updates instantly…